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Junior to Mid Level Front-End Web & Application Developer

Job Description:

Arsenal Studios is growing and we are seeking a Junior to Mid Level Front End Web & Web App Developer for a full time opportunity. The immediate objective is to assist in development of our rapidly growing custom web software business and help build highly customized CMS websites in support of complex, long term marketing campaigns.

Important: We are currently only able to hire US, Canadian, and Mexican residents. This is not a design or back-end development position.

In this position, the selected candidate will be working in a PHP / MySQL (LAMP Stack) environment to develop web based software using AngularJS / Angular, Foundation, Bootstrap, and a variety of other technologies. Depending on your skill-set, you may also be involved in development of advanced CMS functionality, interface animation, or dynamic websites. We love new technologies and continually push ourselves to learn and grow, so be prepared to expand your skill set. See the “Tool Box” section for all the cool toys we play with.

You will be working with a talented team of developers and designers on fun and unique projects. We are waaaay different than your typical ad agency or web design company, and make this distinction as a point of pride. Our clients love us and we love them back. Do you want to share the love?

About Working for Arsenal Studios

Arsenal Studios is an ethical web design company. Since 2008, we have experienced growth and success due to our reputation for fair practices, honesty, and transparency. We care about our clients and are in close contact with them. We regularly work with the same client on a multitude of projects due to our depth of knowledge and problem solving skills.


You must be an honest, sincere, likable person and be adept at interacting with clients through phone, email, video chat, and in person. Here are some values that we all share:

Work From Home

Though we have offices in Baltimore, MD and Pittsburgh, PA, we operate in an officeless work environment and can hire candidates throughout North America. We work during regular East Coast business hours, but from home or from our personal studios and meet virtually on a regular basis. We supply you with a technology fund so that you can purchase the tools you need to bring the office to you.

Example Projects

Just so we are on the same page, here are some example projects that will help you understand the role:

College application system – Work with a small team of developers and designers to create a robust online application system and reporting console for administrators with a LAMP stack back end and a Foundation / AngularJS front end.

Budgeting system – Work with a small team of developers and designers to create a style budgeting system with a LAMP stack back end and a Foundation / Angular front end.

CMS development – Work with a designer to customize a WordPress site with Advanced Custom Fields or Drupal site with Paragraphs and build deep custom functionality for advanced client use.

Skills & Requirements


Things you should know or be prepared to learn:

Tool Box

Here are some platforms and technologies we regularly work with. Familiarity with any of these technologies is a plus and should be noted in your cover letter / resume:




Build tools


Why We’re Awesome

We are a small, enthusiastic, and friendly team. We have amazing client retention because we treat our clients like collaborators. Due to our strong connection with the non-profit sector and education, we have some really unique and fun projects that are unlike anything you have ever done before.

Also, in the intangible department, we are a growing team that works closely together. We want the best for our employees. You will be treated like a human, not a code monkey. We truly care about the happiness and well-being of our employees, and in turn, we all happily grow together.

A Safe and Supportive Workplace

Creating a diverse workplace is a priority at Arsenal Studios. As an agency delivering creative products for and marketing to a broad range of users, it is our responsibility to reflect our user base in our talent pool. Beyond that, we celebrate and encourage a workplace that is supportive of unique perspectives and backgrounds. We do not discriminate in any capacity including race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status, religious belief, thought and opinion, professional aspirations, and more.


Hit us up (and maybe even follow us for brownie points) on:




If this opportunity sounds like it is for you, please reply to [email protected] with cover letter and attached résumé and portfolio / or links to résumé / portfolio.

Thanks for your time!

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